5 Traits Women Have But Won’t Admit


Women have characteristics that are built into our mindset. I believe these traits are there for us to survive. Sometimes these traits do more harm than good. There are 5 Traits All Women Have but Won’t Admit:

1. Territorial

I hate when people take what belongs to me. Like when you’re dating or talking to a guy and found out someone you know likes them too. Oh no! Suddenly you find yourself in a The Boy is Mine complex like Brandy and Monica. No guy is worth fighting over. You shouldn’t be a multiple choice option for guy, you should be the only option. Being territorial has its pros because it means women are protective. It is important to protect the ones you love. For example, if someone you love is getting bullied or hurt, then you’ll do anything in your power to protect what’s yours.

2. Aggressive

There are different forms of aggression; women have social aggression. According to the Webster dictionary, social aggression refers to behavior that is intended to harm another’s friendships, social status, or self esteem. In high school if my friend and I weren’t getting along I would not sit with her at lunch. This would force my friends to split in half because they would have to decide who to sit with. Ultimately  choosing a side damages friendships and social status of the friend that I was not getting along with. As I got older I evolved to using the silent treatment; completely ignoring the person that got on my nerves or who I was not getting along with. Come on ladies I know I’m not the only one. Sometimes ignoring someone is a lot of work. I find myself being the bigger person and talking to them again.

3. Competitive

I do not like losing. When I’m at work I do my best when I’m competing with someone. Like who completes the assigned task first. When I’m at the gym I always try to do the elliptical faster than the person next to me. Being competitive could be a great trait if pushes you to do better. Some women take their competitiveness to next level with sabotage. For instance, withholding crucial information that help another person out or purposely not doing your part in a group project.


Sometimes we compete for who looks the best. Who has best attire? Who has the best make up? We compare ourselves to other woman all the time. Especially if we have on the same outfit, secretly we say to ourselves, I look better. We need to be careful when we allow our competitive nature to consume us and feel the need to compare ourselves. Just be yourself. You’re great.

4. Know-it-all

I hate admitting when I’m wrong. I know everything about everything. This is a trait that I hate to admit. There are times where I have to silence my thoughts because I do not want to make the other person feel bad because I know what I am talking about. It’s an arrogance that needs to be constantly managed.

5. Nurturing

Women have this innate ability to love. To show someone we care about them even when someone who doesn’t reciprocate it. Who hasn’t dated troubled guy and thought that we save them for themselves if we love them enough? I’ve learned from my past and learned you can’t change people. It’s safer to love from afar so my heart doesn’t get broken. 

The nurturing trait is awesome when it’s time to have a family. We love our spouse and family as we take care of them.


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