4 Ways On How To Destress

Who doesn’t feel stressed every now and then? Stress is normal but we do not have to live our lives worrying or doubting. Stress can lead to health problems,just to name a few, depression, heart disease, headaches, obesity, and diabetes. Stress is an emotion that we can control. Do not let stress take over your life. I have some tips on how to destress.

1. Go for a walk

One way to destress is to go for a walk. Go outside to clear your head. I love going on walks. There is something about connecting to nature calms me down. 

2. Take a deep breath 

Taking deep breaths allows you to focus on your breathing rather than what is causing you to be stressed. You will most likely feel calmer after taking a deep breath. According to Harvard University, deep breathing releases endorphins throughout the body. Endorphins are feel-good, natural painkillers created by our own bodies. 

3. Visualization

Picture yourself not stressed.I know it sounds weird but this really works. Imagine yourself being calm, cool and collected for the rest of the day. Picture the situation that is causing you stress actually making you feel more calm. This technique is all about mind over matter.

4. Figure out the trigger

Figure out what caused you stress in the first place. Is it work? Is it a significant other? It is personal? Once you’ve narrowed down your trigger, you can now choose how you react and respond to those situations. Do not let stress take over your life .

Do you know other tips on how to destress? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you. 


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