4 Benefits to Hosting a Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is around the corner. A great way to celebrate this holiday is with friends. Friendsgiving is a celebration of friends gathering together to show one another appreciation. I believe there are 4 benefits to hosting Friendsgiving.

1. Reconnect with old friends

As I get older and have more responsibilities,  it’s harder to get together with a whole group of friends. It’s a good opportunity to reconnect with old friends. You get to see people you might not have seen a while. 

2. Inexpensive 

It does not cost a lot to host. You can use pinterest to get so much DIY ( do it yourself) decorations. If you do a potluck style Friendsgiving, where guests bring a dish, you do not have to spend too much money on food.

3. Plenty of Leftovers 

Another benefit to having a potluck style Friendsgiving. There will be plenty of leftovers for you and your friends.

4. Host it anytime

I know Friendsgiving is associated with Thanksgiving but it doesn’t have to be in November. It  an occur anytime of year. It’s great to tell your friends you appreciate them and love their company. 


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