4 Ways to be More Grateful 


This time of year I’m grateful.  I’m grateful to have a family,  a job and a roof over my head.  It is easy to get caught up on items that I do not have. My mom told me at a young age that it is better to count your blessings than your curses. I know that is easier said than done thus, I created a list that helped me be more grateful.

1. Be careful what you say

I realized that I used to complain about my life a lot. One day there was no hot water when I went to take a shower. I was so angry. Then I realized that at least I have clean water to wash my body with. I should be grateful that I home and my own bathroom. For every negative thing in my life I think of two positive things.

2. Keep a journal

It’s no secret that I love writing. I started to keep a journal of blessings in my life.  Writing things is also my way of relieving stress. When I’m feeling ungrateful I read the messages in my journal to keep my spirits up.

3. Use visual reminders

I’m also a visual person. I need to see things written down to remember. I have inspirational quotes around my home that help me remain grateful. It’s also a great way to decorate your place. It adds character.

4. Surround yourself with positive people

I choose to surround myself with positive people. Their positive energy rubbed off on me and helped me be more grateful about my life. Postive people tend to have lower blood pressure and lower stress levels. Knowing that being grateful can help my health is a bug motivator for me.

Do you have any tips on how to be more grateful that aren’t on my list? Name one by leaving a comment.


One thought on “4 Ways to be More Grateful 

  1. Dina Jean says:

    This is awesome Cynthia. I am going through a phase where I complain about everything especially my job. These tips are perfect especially the one about writing things down. I love you girl!!! Keep inspiring those around with your writing😘😊


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