How to Mend a Broken Relationship

How do you fix something that is broken? Do you pick up all pieces and try to glue them back together or do you throw away and get a new item? No matter the outcome a cautious decision needs to be made. 

A relationship two or more bodies working together towards one common goal. It’s a two way street. When a relationship is broken I’ve learned that it is possible to fix them.

1. Dialogue

There needs to be an open dialogue. Expressing how you feel is important. Be honest about feelings. When you speak state words like, “I feel like” or “I believe that”. You don’t want to sound like you are accusing them of something. 

2. Reconciliation 

Now that the lines of communication are open it is time to reconcile. Both parties should come up with a solution so that the issue does not reoccur. The solution should be realistic and not ultimatum. Using ultimatums can create more conflict. Conflict without reconciliation equals chaos.

3. Forgive and Forget

It is so easy to hold a grudge after being hurt.  I heard that “the pain goes away with time.” Reality check; no it doesn’t.  The pain goes away with forgiveness.  Do yourself a favor, just forgive them. Forgiveness is more for you then it is for other person. It’s adding weight on on your shoulders that don’t need.

For more information about forgiveness, read more blog, I Forgive You.


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