4 Tips to Build Your Vision Board

Creating a vision board was difficult for me at first. I was not sure where to start or how to start. What do I put on there? How should I create it? It made me a little anxious because I am a planner but when it came to my vision board I was lost.  I had some alone time with my thoughts and finally figure out a way to build my vision board. Below are four tips that helped me build my vision board.

1. Have a Central Idea

I decided to come up with a goal I wanted for myself. I have a few goals for next year so I wrote them down. Having a central idea helped align what content will be on the board.

2. Focus on Content

The design of the board does not have to be complex. Focus your attention on the content. Collect information you need regarding your central idea. I found article clippings from magazines that will motivate me to continue with my goal. I also included images of people that have successfully completed my goal.

3. Have a Support System

Having a support system is a great motivator to ensure that goals on your board get done. They can help you build your vision board.  If you decide to have a vision board party make sure the people that are around you are your support system and want you to succeed.

4. Have Fun

Present the data in an inspiring format. Making vision boards are fun, so be creative. I added a splash of color by using scrapbook paper stickers and pages.  I love my vision board I am glad I made it.

Do you have tips on how to build a vision board? Leave a comment below.


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