The Big Chop: 2 years Later


I cut my hair 2 years ago on my 26 birthday. My hair was chemically straightened for 13 years. I defined beauty as having long straight hair so I decided to do the big chop so I could redefine the word beauty for myself.

Read my blog about my big chop, The Broken Mirror: How I overcame Low Self-esteem.

Recently I got my hair straightened (press and curl) for the first time in two years. I felt strange as I ran my fingers through my once kinky coily hair; my hair now felt like silk. As I looked at myself in the mirror I was happy.

To be honest that straight hairstyle lasted a week for me. I missed my kinky hair. It’s crazy because prior to two years ago I loved having straight hair. Now that I had the opportunity I was over it.Now I’m not saying that straight hair is wrong,  as of right now it’s not my preference. I love my hair as is and I know it’s beautiful. I wouldn’t change that for anything. 


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