3 Tips on Managing Stress

“I enjoy being stressed,” said no one, ever. Stress is a feeling that is ambiguous to me. I never realized how stress impacted my life until last year.

I developed a pain on the side of my stomach that felt like a sharp shooting pain. After visiting several doctors, the results came in that I had elevated liver enzymes. I was shocked and worried. What did this mean? After a couple weeks of testing, the pain in my side had gotten worse. The doctor diagnosed me with something that was caused by stress. The good news was that my diagnosis was non-fatal. The bad news is I made myself sick by being stressed. Stress has different side effects on the body. It can cause headaches, insomnia, fatigue, muscle tension, chest pain and even affect sex drive.

My body had become so used to being stressed and anxious that it was the norm for me. I felt like I  was carrying so much weight on my shoulders. In order for me to get better I had stop it at the source. Below are 3 ways to manage stress.

1. Find the trigger

Find out what was triggering the stress. Knowing the source of my stress helped me stop the stress before it began. When the trigger came knocking at my door, I did not open it.

2. Give yourself a pep talk

I understand that sometimes you cannot shut the trigger out. Therefore give yourself a pep talk before encountering the trigger. Do not allow the trigger to control your emotions. Remind yourself that you are in control and not worried about the situation.

3. Be positive

Fill your mind with positive thoughts. A good way to do this is by listening to music that empowers you. Try to stay away from music makes you sad or angry. Print out positive quotes and place them around the area you are usually stressed in. When you start to feel anxious look at the quote.

For additional information on how to manage stress, read my blog post, 4 Ways On How To Destress.

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