The Perfect Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is around the corner  and it’s time to get Bae something. The question is what do you get him? Showing your guy appreciation on Valentine’s Day is important. I know it sounds silly, like isn’t that a holiday for girls? It seems like guys don’t care about this day. Truth be told ladies, guys like to feel appreciated no matter what the day is. There are many options to show him that you appreciate him.

Cook for him

The way to a guys heart is through his stomach. Cook him something, whether it’s his an entire meal or dessert, cooking for a man is a great way to show you appreciate him. I find great dessert recipes on

Take him to a game

Find out what his favorite team is and purchase tickets for a game. If money is an issue try using  Stub Hub for more affordable tickets.

Disclaimer: The next two gift suggestions involve sexual advances. I believe that sexual relations are for married couples.

Put on a show

Put on some nice lingerie and play some romantic music. Give him a nice lap dance or even a strip show. Have fun with this. Maybe put on some makeup or style your hair for this special show.

Give him a massage

Bust out the massage oil and go to town. Leave no place on his body left out. Full body massage is great way for your man to relax. Massaging may lead to other activities which is a bonus.



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