5 Dating Tips for Millennials

There are so many ways to find a date nowadays and interesting ways to meet up with people. People have asked me “What do you do when you’re dating?” and  “What is the proper way to date?”. Well, I have those answers for you. Below are 5 Dating Tips for Millennials:

1.) Create a list

Ladies it is imperative to make a list of things you are looking for in a man. The list should have some non-tangible things  that you want in a man. For example, my list had a friendly and family oriented man on it. You want to stay away from things like a car or a house because those are materials that can be lost or gained while in a relationship.  

2.) Guy seeks girl

Dating in the 21st century where we have Sadie Hawkins dances, a dance where ladies ask man out on dates, and women proposing to men. Call me old school but I think the guy should ask the girl out. Guys like the chase. If its something of worth then they will go after it. 

3.) Meet Friends and Family

Have you ever heard the saying? “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” Friends are usually like minded people that you chose to spend your time with. You can get a sense of the type of man a guy is by who his friends are. Use your wisdom about this. Watch how he interacts with his friends that’s who he truly is.

When my husband and i dating, I met his friends and vice versa. Before making official that we were a couple, I also introduced him to my family as a friend. I wanted to be with someone that got along with my friends and family thus I made sure they met before we got serious.

4.) Use Guidance

Relationships are a lot of work. It takes time to build a solid foundation, if the goal of the relationship is marriage, then you need guidance. A key part of courting is guidance, getting advice from a couple who is married and has the same beliefs as you. This couple should encourage your relationship to grow, in addition to, helping you become better  individuals. This is like a mentor-mentee relationship. Another form of guidance could be relationship counselor, a psychologist or psychiatrist. Wherever the advice is coming from, just make sure you do not take advice on marriage or relationships from someone who has never been in a committed relationship. That’s like taking swimming lessons from someone who does not know how to swim.

5.) Set Boundaries 

Set clear boundaries on your relationships and stick to them.  I know for me, it was very clear that we were just dating and I did not treat him like he is already my husband. I did not give him wife privileges. I speak about this more in depth, in my blog post, 5 Things Women Do Wrong when dating. Ladies I am talking about playing house, sleepovers with your boyfriend or living together. Tread lightly with that. I think that people should live together once they are married.

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