How to Let Go of Emotional Baggage

Emotions are a normal part of life. Something happens and we choose to react. When negative emotions come to play it is difficult. Sometimes as time passes, the negative emotion is still there. It hasn’t gone away. The emotional baggage of the past wears heavy on your shoulders. In my last blog, 6 Facts about Adulting that Every 20 Something Should Know, I mentioned the harsh reality of accepting responsibility and doing actions that we have to do despite how we feel. It is important to come to terms with our emotions so that we can let go and move on.

I have asked myself this question before, time and time again, “how do I move on? How can I move on?” Below are 3 steps I used to let it go of my emotional baggage.


You have to accept and believe that you are carrying emotional baggage. Then you need to accept that you cannot change the past. What has happened is done and it’s over.

2. Reflection

Think about how this experience has changed you. Have you changed for the better or for worse? What emotions run through your mind as you reflect? Sometimes we do not admit the pain that we truly feel but in order to truly let go, we have to be honest with ourselves.

3. Perception

Perception is our way of understanding something.Understand that once you have accepted, reflected, you can let it go. But you cannot pick it back up. When you move on, really move on, do not look back. Think of letting go like getting a new backpack.

My old backpack broke because I was carrying too much stuff in it. It was very heavy & hard for me to carry. I tried to fix my old bag but no matter what I did, it kept breaking. Thus, I decided to get a new backpack. When I got the new one, I told myself that if I put the heavy items in this new bag then it will break too. I need to get rid of the heavy items so that my new bag won’t break. You see the bag is us and our perspective. The heavy items are emotional baggage that we are choosing to carry. The emotional baggage are negative emotions that wear us down and could potentially break us. We tell ourselves we are over it and get a “new bag” but still carry the same “items” that broke us in the first place. Get a new perspective. Dr. Sandy Kulkin, President of The Institute for Motivational Living,Inc, once said, “When you change the way the look at something, the things you look at will change” In order to truly let it go. We have to change my perception.

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