3 Common Mindsets of Women

There are 3 common mindsets that women have. Some may say “women are stubborn” but I prefer to say we are stuck in our ways until we feel we need a change. No matter what type of women you are, it is important to know who are. Be proud of yourself. I am definitely the sure-fire.

Which mindset describes you the best?


The Sure-fire


This type of woman has many dreams and aspirations. So they are content in where they are in life. There is a certain level of predictability with their life choices like who their friends are and who they choose to be with. They prefer to stick to what they know, definitely not the adventurous type. You may say this person “plays it safe.”


The Speculator


This type of woman has dreams and aspirations that drive her everyday passion to wake in the morning and start a new day. She takes risks and is very spontaneous. Playing it safe bores her and the typical 9-5 job does not fit with her lifestyle. She needs a flexible job.

The Selective

This type of woman is the cross between the settler and the speculator. The selective makes calculated decisions working towards her passion but still maintains a sense of predictability by playing it safe. They may have typical 9-5 job but may also have another job that helps fund their passion.



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