The Benefits of a Sisterhood

Sometimes I look around my community and I’m sadden to see the jealous nature and our inability to come together as women one to help each other reach our goals.

There is a everyone for themselves mentality. But that mentality gets us nowhere.

Have you ever noticed how a group of ants come together to survive? As a group, ants carry food that is 5,000 times their size. The food is too heavy to carry by themselves. If the ants had the everyone for themselves mentality they would not be able to carry food back their ant colony and they would all die.

Our communities are dying with this selfish mentally and being jealous of what other people have. I have seen businesses fail, organizations that can barely keep it a float and people struggle but never ask for help. It hurts me. Ladies, our goal should be to uplift and empower each other. Instead of working by ourselves, let’s work together. We have the same goal; success. Let’s form a sisterhood to help each other be successful.

There are benefits to a sisterhood:

A sisterhood is a group of like minded individuals that have similar goals to you. The group encourages everyone towards that goal. Think of this group like tug of war instead of being each other opponents on opposing sides,  you are allies pulling from the same side; your opponent is an obstacle. It is so much easier to face obstacles together.

When you are part of a sisterhood you have help making decisions.Making decisions on my own is scary. Having a group that understands me to help me with my pros & cons list is essential. When I’m stressed or overwhelmed, I turn to my sisterhood for help and support. There is no shade nor jealousy between us; it’s all love.

Now I’m not saying in a sisterhood there are no disagreements or issues but the good thing is the the issues are resolved because we know our purpose. We don’t have time for foolishness because we are not opponents, we are on the same team. When one succeeds, we all succeeds. This is key to survival. It’s all about uplifting the other person and by doing so you are also uplifting yourself.

What are some other benefits to a sisterhood?



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