4 Little Lies We Tell Ourselves

The truth hurts. The truth hurts even more when we have to be honest with ourselves.  

Below are 4 lies we tell ourselves. I’m guilty of using these phrases too. I need to be honest with myself and allow myself to feel the real emotions that I’m trying to hide. Lying to myself won’t be make me feel better but being honest about how I feel will.

1.I’m over it

If I had a dollar for every time I said this phrase I’d be a millionaire. I often used this phrase when referring to ex-boyfriend or argument I had with a friend. When you are truly over something you do not have proclaim it. You are over it implying no longer care nor have interest in it but by saying the phrase “I’m over it,” ironically means you’re still thinking about it thus you’re really not “over it.”

2.I’m not upset

In fact you’re very upset but don’t want to admit to yourself that what just happened bothered you. Sometimes I find myself saying this phrase when I’m embarrassed that I’m mad about something that others may find that it is not a big deal.

3.This is will be the last time

Let’s not kid ourselves to premeditate the last time we will do something. Engaging in an act that we know we should not do but say this will be the last time, won’t be the last time. If it were really the last time then last time you did it would be the last time; thus making the last time the last time.

4.I didn’t mean to say that

Have you ever said something out loud and regretted it? Yup, this when this phrase is used. You meant to say what you said. Your brain was thinking it. Maybe a better choice of words could have been used but you said it.

What are other lies we tell ourselves?



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